Here the documentation list that must be presented when applying for a boat Temporary Import Permit.

-Proof of Ownership 

-Boat Owner Passport

-Proof of Insurance

-Boat Engine Serial Number

As mentioned above there is a simple list of documents that boat owners must have together when applying for their Boat Temporary Import Permit (MTIP)

Applications can be made via Online thru the Banjercito Federal Dependency Site or In person by making he application at the offices of Banjercito Branches located at some Ports in Mexico. Port of Ensenada, Port of Los Cabos, Port of La Paz, these are some of your alternatives of Ports where Banjercito have Personal representatives who can support on your Boat Temporary Importation request.

Cost of Boats Mexico Temporary Import Permit $55 usd (Price might gradually fluctuate with exchange rate)

As stablished on Federal Taxation Law; All Boats with over 12 feets in lenght fabricated outside Mexican Territory must proof their legal stay if being in Mexican territory or waters by obtaining a 10 years temporary Importation Permit form or a Permanent Importation Pediment Form.

Boat Temporary Import Permit Permanently Cancelled


Why and When to apply for permanent MTIP cancellation?

-When the Permit is 30 days left to expired

-When the Boat has changed owners

-When the boat is outside Mexican Territory and is not planning to come back in the future.


Avoid being Boating in Mexico without your Temporary Import Permit 

Is Mexico's  Taxation Federal Dependency  SAT the one in charge of regulate and supervice that all Boaters count with its Temporary Import Permit and to Seize boats and apply fines to its owners when a boat is find without a proper Importation Permit Form.

Back in 2013 Mexico's Federal Dependencies Audit 12 Marinas and all boats docked in them on the same day in regards making sure all boat owners have their MTIP in hands, those who where found with out the Proper MTIP where left seized.., an experience we would like you to avoid.