If you planning to Visit Mexico by Boat, we recommend you to 

have a read to the recommendations and requirements guide provided to you by Mexico Tourism Board.

Marinas In Mexico FAQS

- 80 % of Marinas Do not offer potable water from their docks boxes water faucets. Consider ask first to Marina personnel and avoiding pouring heavy salty water into your boat tanks.

-Fuel Prices are settle up to the Station seller, Marina extra Administrations fees or special cases as Fuel at Turtle Bay where sometimes prices seems they reach heaven.

-Plenty of Slips for you to choose from, specially once you are around Puerto of Los Cabos, BCS. Slip Fees fluctuate according with the Seasons along the year​

Are there Piracy Activities Reports from Mexican waters 

- Its well known that Mexico and EUA Authorities work together in protecting the Marine traffic and boaters when being in need. Coast Guard and Mexican Navy are pretty active protecting the coast an keep in it clean from delinquency. 

-The Secretary of Marine " SEMAR " can be reach thru VHF Channel 12 , and we recommend you to be ready to call in case of any incident. Boaters must have in mind that if the SEMAR personnel is being called for rescue or as emergency their personnel or officials aim will be to save all people / crew lives on board but not to rescue boats or any material in risk of lost. 

-We recommend you also to avoid navigate late at night from Port to Port and specially in zones as Rosarito Beach, Baja (area Between San Diego, Ca. and Ensenada, where pangas navigating this area has been captured in illegal activities.


Some FAQS About bringing a boat into Mexican Territory..

-A Boat must obtain a Temporary Import Permit or a Permanent one if it is brought it into Mexico territory. Unless it can proof that it was built in Mexican Territory by a Formal Boat Builder Company.

-Most Boat Insurance will cover your boat Until the Geographical Point of the  Punta Banda , Baja, just a bit south of Ensenada Port. Boat Insurance is a must to proof if you are trying to arrive and stay in Mexico. No Marina will allow you to rent a slip if you missing this.. Port Captains will let you arrive and check in to their Port  Facilities under their administration as your arrival could have been under an emergency situation, but you must obtain your new insurance right away.

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 Marinas - Moorings - Boat Yards

No. of MARINAS. 50 

SLIPS. 4500 





Plenty Marina Slips and Boat Yards Services are offered along the west Coast of Mexico. The Mexican Pacific Coast and Mar of Cortez Shore line have been expanding in number of Marina facilities and infrastructure  in pro of Recreative Boating. 

Mexican Population is still not very much into Boating or water activities. Most Mexican Ports are still expanding where most are still manage small operations. Ports like Ensenada, Lazaro Cardenas, Veracruz and few others manage heavier maritime traffic and operations as they count with Container and Cruise ship Terminals.

Expect a friendly and open arms experience when visiting Mexico from Marina operators, Marine Services providers.  Mexico has been a lovely destination for long time, its beauty , its people , its food... many more reason makes Mexico a very Unique Boating destination, a place where many have also decided as their destination not just for vacations but for their happy retirement time.

We recommend you to get your " Mexico Boating Guide " Book and make it part of your boating preparation when heading Mexico with your Boat.